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Explore the secrets behind Korean skin care

SERAZENA - Redefine yourself.

Since 1996 the SERAZENA research team in Seoul (South Korea) has been fulfilling the value of innovative regenerative medicine to revent skin aging and revive damaged tissues. SERAZENA focusses on the in house development of innovative plant stem cell ingredients besed on ancient and modern knowledge about traditional asian health plants. In combination with our own pharmaceutical grade BioCollagen and the patented REZUVE matrix delivery system we have been able to create one of the worlds leading Korean Skincare concepts.

The SERAZENA product line was developed with our strong principle of ability to turn back the age of skin and maintain its healthy condition. We consult, educate and support or customers in order to choose the best cosmetics products for their individual skin type and skin age. Like noone else we dessiminate up to 9 different skin types and offer varius solutions for special care needs as well.

SERAZENA - Make the best choice for your skin

The SERAZENA brand logo is symbolizing the ‘Big Bang of rejuvenating skin care cosmetics'. SERAZENA is a combination of the two Korean words ‘SERA' (reinvent) and ’ZENA (the impression of yourself). Serazena is unisex, high level, individual, anti-aging cosmetics that is still affordable. Due to Asian philosopy the quality of your skin is like a mirror to your soul.

In 2016 we proudly start to introduce our skin rejuvenating cosmeceutical Serazena brand to the German and European markets. SERAZENA has been successful in Asia for many years and we strongy believe it will lead to a revolution in European skin care concepts too.